Wednesday, May 22, 2013

for stength of youth

For the next 18 days im going to take each chaper of  the for stength of youth
and share what i learnd about it maybe i'll be able to mark this in my personal
pregress you should read it

  1.  Agency and Accountability,
  2. Dating, 
  3. Dress and Appearance,
  4.  Education, 
  5. Entertainment and Media,
  6. Family,
  7. Friends,
  8. Gratitude, 
  9. Honesty and Integrity,
  10.  Language
  11. Music and Dancing
  12. Physical and Emotional Health
  13.  Repentance Sabbath Day Observance
  14. Service 
  15. Sexual Purity
  16. Tithes and Offerings
  17. Work and Self-Reliance 
  18. Go Forward with Faith

What Makes You Beautiful

This is my families favorite music video EVER!